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Haval H9

All-Terrain Function

The driver can select the most appropriate real-time road mode from 6 options. AUTO, 4L, Sport, Desert, Snow, and Mud Road via the multi-functional display knob so that the system can automatically control the driving and braking force to achieve the best performances.

High Efficiency Power

Haval H9 boasts strong power performance. The high efficiency turbocharged fuel injection technology enables the 2.0L engine to output the power performance of a 3.0L engine, which delivers abundant and powerful energy.


R 609 900.00


Efficient 2.0L turbocharged direct injection engine

Rated power: 160kW/5500rpm
The engine achieves its maximum power output of 160kW at 5500 rpm, guaranteeing its good power
performance. Maximum torque: 324N•m/2000-4000rpm Engine reaches the maximum torque of 324N•m at 2000 rpm and keeps high torque output until 4000 rpm, which brings about superior start and acceleration performances. Maximum power per liter: 80kW/L
The power per liter, a key indicator for measuring engine power, reaches the maximum of 80kW/L. Therefore, the engine can maximize value of every drop of fuel and achieve strong power experience with little input.

ZF 6-speed Automatic manual Integrated Transmission

F1 Racing Car Shift Piece
Drivers may shift without their hands off the steering wheel, providing the driving experiences just as driving a F1 racing car.
Manual/Automatic Switching Drivers may switch to manual shifting mode according to their driving habits to bring about smoother shifting and pure driving pleasure. Safety Locking Function
To prevent the shift lever is switched to the driving gear unexpectedly in order to enhance driving safety. Multiple Speed Design Six-speed design with smooth gear shifting increases fuel economy.

ESP Bosch 9th Generation Electronic Assist System
Vehicle status is monitored by several sensors and adjusted by braking so that the vehicle runs by the driver’s intention. ESP (Electronic Stability Program) Make sure vehicle is safely running on the correct track, prevent vehicle skid and improve running stability and safety.
HDC (Hill Descent Control) With control of ABS braking speed, intelligent control of hill descend speed is realized to achieve stable descending and easy driving. HHC (Hill Hold Control) Four-wheel monitoring of start brake force enables the body to hold braking for 2 seconds to avoid slide and easily handle hill start conditions, in case of start on a ramp. ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBD (electronic brake force distribution), HBA (hydraulic brake assist) and
RMI (roll movement intervention).
Professional Off-Road Equipment
Double-wishbone Independent Front Suspension Double-wishbone independent front suspension, with a classic structure of strong off-road SUV, has two wishbones that could absorb motion transverse forces at the same time, so that the support only bears body weight. Therefore, transverse rigidity is high enough to ensure the tyre contacts ground closely, and the body is stable under various road conditions. The Upper and lower wishbones with unequal length can change camber angle when wheels are moving up and down to reduce tread variation and tyre wear, also guarantee comfortable driving and seating. Multi-link non-independent rear suspension The multi-link non-independent rear suspension, provides through multi-link design, the controls in multiple directions, greatly reduces the forward and backward forces from the road, ensures a more reliable traveling path of wheels, and effectively improves the smoothness and comfort during
acceleration and braking. Separate Frame Body The engine, transmission, suspension, and body are installed on the high rigidity beams and the frame is connected with wheels by front and rear suspensions so that the road impact is carried by the frame, which provides good stability and comfort and ensures the excellent safety and off-road
performance while guaranteeing the stable body shape.
Challenging of Limits
Driving a Haval H9 is the start to enjoy the off-road challenges and is the spiritual expansion for continuous self-challenging.

Mud mode
Under muddy roads, it guarantees the maximum ground adhesion and ensures the smooth traveling of the vehicle. Sport mode It is the road performance mode suitable for high speed driving on dry roads, which can significantly improve the driving pleasure.
4L mode Under the limit off-road environment, the torque can be increased by 2.48 times to maximize the trafficability.

Mighty Appearance
3D Headlamp Combination
With self-cleaning xenon headlamp + LED daytime running lamp, the modeling is
fashionable and technological. The headlamp can sense light source intelligently,
switch on and off automatically toclean at any time. LED daytime running lamp is
exquisite, tough, energy-saving and safe.
Dynamic Waist Lines
The low-front and high-rear waist lines run through the sides of vehicle to improve
the visual length and promote the sporting feeling of Haval H9. Chrome Plated Front Grille The chrome plating design improves the luxury quality sense. The family-style
front design emerges a high-end mighty off-road vigor and the horizontal lateral trim bars enhance the lateral expansion of the vehicle.
Luxurious Driving/ Riding Pleasure
Multi-functional Luxury Seat The high-grade perforated leather wrapped seats with heating, ventilation, and massage functions and the leg support for front row seats improve the comfort for the driver/passengers. Multi-Direction Adjustment for Comfortable Sitting Position The sitting position is capable of 6-direction adjustment (horizontal direction, vertical
direction, and angle) and the backrest is capable of 2-direction adjustment (inclination
angle). The two-direction adjustable waist support and the horizontally stretching leg
support provide the most comfortable sitting position for driver/passengers.
High Efficiency Three-Zone Automatic A/C System The comfortable automatic temperature zone adjustment and the front row two-zone and rear row independent A/C system can realize the individual temperature and air output control. The air purification system plays the deodorization and dehumidification functions for the interior air to maintain a good interior air environment.
Luxury Trim
High-Grade Leather Wrapping
The high-grade leather wrapping for the steering wheel, gearshift lever, seats, and inner door handles
brings about more comfortable tactile touches.
Multi-Level Central Instrument Panel
The central instrument panel adopts a multi-level geometric 3D design to achieve a well-bedded
feeling and emerge a technological sense.
Classic French Double Stitches
The combination of high-grade leather and classic craftsmanship builds amazing taste and quality.
Interior Atmosphere Lamp
The design of three-color variable atmosphere lamp achieves a more magnificent, comfortable, and
gentle overall tonality of interior trim.
Dynamic Instrument Panel
The design of the barrel-type instrument panel features novel modeling and rich dynamics.
All-Round Airbags
The vehicle is equipped with front row seat dual airbags, front row seat side airbags, and longitudinal throughout curtain airbags to achieve a more extensive protection area and, in event of collision, effectively protect the safety of interior passengers.
Large Space of 7-Seat SUV
Comfortable Interior Riding Space
Spacious body sizes: 4,856mm in length, 1,926mm in width, 1,900mm in height, and 2,800mm in wheelbase;
Interior riding space: Front row space: 700mm in leg room and 1,025mm in head room; second row seat: 750mm in leg room and 1,021mm in head room; third
row seat: 700mm in leg room and 903mm in head room.
Convenient Storage Spaces
Front row storage spaces: Door storage box, driver side storage box, glovebox with lock, central aisle cup holder, central aisle storage boxes, and glasses
case.Rear row storage spaces: Rear row armrest storage box (with cup holder), coat hanger, door storage box, front row seat back storage bag, and third
row cup holder.
Flexible Seat Combination
Flexible and diversified storage spaces: The second row seat is capable of 4/6 folding and the third row seat is capable of 5/5 folding. Through the folding
and conversion of the rear row seat, a 747L luggage boot capacity can be achieved after the third row seat is folded, which effectively expands the storage
capacity of the luggage boot.Electric folding of third row seat: The folding and unfolding of the third row seat can be controlled via button to achieve higher
operation convenience.


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